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Much too Much

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Sold as 4-pack/473ml cans

Much too Much - 0 IBU Double IPA

We took the Zero IBU concept a step further (much further) with this new beer. When we were given the opportunity to host Beere, Backcountry & Boombox Brewing, we knew we had to take things to the next level. This beer has absolutely NO hops in the kettle. Much too Much is brewed with wheat and oats and is fermented warm with expressive Kviek yeast. We loaded this beer with more hops than Kicking in Speakers with 4 seperate dry hop additions of Mosaic, Citra Cryo, Equanot and Vic Secret. Huge notes of overripe mango, fresh tangerine and passionfruit, with a clean snappy finish makes this beer dangerously drinkable!

PLEASE NOTE: We understand this beer does in fact contain IBU's! We are referring to the concept of pushing the boundaries of how hops can influence a beer by utilizing hops on only the cold side of the process to maximize hop aroma and flavour.

8.2% ABV