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When our pals at Blood Brothers dropped by a while back for a visit and we got straight to talking about what we should brew together as a next collaboration beer, without fail a lager was top of mind. From there, we exchanged our shared affinity for lager-style beers, our appreciation for them goes without saying, the brainstorming didn't end there though. We said....let's make a soft and clean corn lager, we'll toss in some Hallertau Blanc and Loral hops for some citrus, and floral notes. Now for the twist, we added a touch of acidulated malt post-mash and blended in some additional sour wort into the tank to provide a refreshing tartness to really give people something to talk about. Here you have it, we bet you can't say that you've ever had tart lager before?! 

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5.7% Alc./Vol.

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