Beer Available Online

The beers we offer on our site will range from our core brands, to our limited release white cans and our experimental (formerly tasting room only) releases. 

Don’t want to miss out one of our limited releases? We offer online pre-orders before our small batch beer is released. Choose the "Pick Up" at our tasting room option, or order for delivery!

I'm only allowed six items per order, what gives!?

That's correct! Our biggest concern with shipping beer is getting our products to you safe and sound. Through some rigorous testing, we've found that shipping more than six 4packs in a case substantially increases the chance of products being damaged on their way to you.

Because of limitations with our online shop provider's platform, we're unable to separate orders into multiple boxes for shipping so this is the only way around it. We'll be working on coming up with alternative solutions in the future, but again, baby steps.

If you'd like to order more than six items, please check out your first six items then start a new shopping cart for the rest of your order.